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Costume Quest

After trying Stacking and being disappointed, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Costume Quest. Psychonauts was good – if not limited by platforming – and Costume Quest is right up there with it.

The style is a charming, delightfully-quirky one that puts you in the role of a child on Halloween, trick or treating with their sibling. The pace spirals beautifully until you’re facing off against giant monsters in a twisted maze, firing rockets.

One of this game’s seeling points is its fantastic humour; like Psychonauts it puts you in the position of a child and throws referential and meta humour at you, barrelling on whether you get the jokes or not. This is one of its strongest aspects as it’s funny to those who get it and doesn’t slow down those who don’t.

The combat is surprisingly deep considering the simple controls and is very balanced…except for the final boss in the extra adventure, Grubbins On Ice. The final boss of that doesn’t follow the rules established in all the rest of the combat.

Despite this little hiccough, it is a easy to grasp, QTE-based combat with scope for personal preference.

One last thing to note is that it isn’t very long; 9 hours to 100% it with all the achievements. There are shorter games out there and there are certainly longer games, but this is one of the funniest.


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