Q: Where is PokéSins?

A: It is viewable on this website, right now. It can be found in the PokéSins section of the Content on the Homepage or via the quicklink in the top bar.

Q: When is the next PokéSins?

A: Approximately every 10 days. I will make an announcement video for YouTube for each new episode.

Q: Some episodes need a password. Where do I get that?

A: It’s all explained in a G-Log. Click here to view that now.

Q: Are you doing PokéSins for all seasons of Pokémon?

A: Yes. All seasons, current and future, as well as any episodic specials.

Q: Are you doing PokéSins for the movies?

A: No. SkulShurtugalTCG has done his take on the movies.

Q: Can I request an episode of PokéSins?

A: I’m doing the episodes in order and will not deviate from that.

Q: Do I have your permission to translate/reupload PokéSins? What about reaction videos?

A: No. You may not reupload any footage from PokéSins under any circumstances. Reaction videos are fine as long as they do not contain any footage from my videos.

Q: Can you do a video on X game?

A: By all means suggest games for me to check out, but I am currently unlikely to buy a game for the purpose of a single video.