The Far Wastes

A WIP Post-Apocalyptic TTRPG

The Far Wastes is being developed by a team of two people (Geran and Eli), along with the help and advice of the people on the Gar1onriva Discord. Come and join us on there to give your thoughts or just show your support!

Development is chronicled in a series of devlogs on the Gar1onTabletop channel. Due to the ongoing nature of the development, this serves as the repository for all the rules revealed in devlogs.

Central to this game is the idea of fun adventures in the post-apocalypse.

This isn’t a single massive city in a hellscape, or a world of jacked-up cars, or even a grim, depressing setting where every day is a struggle and no one can really be happy.

The world ended. Some things survived, let’s move on.

Some societies have rebuilt, others have risen from the ashes, and some were brought to life by the very apocalypse that laid waste to the world.

Humans are no longer the only sentient race out there; androids, mutants, animals that underwent some kind of flash-evolution in the radiation…and weirder things besides.

It’s not a perfect world – it’s certainly not a peaceful world – but there’s good left in it, and fun to be had.



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Changelog & Credits

Project Lead: Geran ‘Gar1onriva’

Art Supervisor: Eli

Thank you to the people of the Gar1onriva Discord, and anyone else who has given feedback, assistance, or advice!

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