Murdered: Soul Suspect

I got this game in a Humble Bundle, so I thought I’d give it a try.

This game is something of a cross between L.A. Noire and a horror movie; it does have detective elements where you collect clues and make deductions, but many of these ‘investigations’ are arbitrary at best and senseless at worst. Although I did eventually ‘get’ the logic behind their decisions of right, it took me a while.

If this game had stuck to the detectiving as a ghost, I’d have been pleasantly surprised; even the optional ‘unsolved cases’ done by meeting the victims were well done. Where this game fell apart, for me at least, is in the OTT creepy theme. There was nothing full on scary and only one or two jump scares… It was just creepy. Ghostly figures and shapes that fade away when you get close, only to reappear if you look away… The ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ f**king demons that instantly kill you if you mess up a brief QTE…
With the already-creepy setting, the heavyhanded layering on of ghostly imagery made this a difficult game to finish. I hate horror. This one ISN’T horror, but I would not recommend playing this in the dark and definitely not right before bed.

Not much to say on it, but the level design is a clusterf**k. Even the overworld hub is a labyrinth of deadends, obscured paths and greyscale buildings. The individual levels are better in that they’re usually more linear, but collectible-combing is a ♥♥♥♥♥. This game could sorely have used a Tomb Raider-esque collectible tracker.

If they had dispensed with the demons, stationary figures and ‘ghost buildings’ everywhere, this would have been a clever, short detective game with a twist. As it is, the creepiness put me off and I only finished out of a bloodyminded determination to 100% the achievements.
Play L.A. Noire instead; the puzzles are more logic-based and it’s less sleepless-creepy. The voice acting in this is top notch, though. Even from peripheral characters.

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